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'Sunday's Child' was part of the London AIDS Histories and Cultures Festival 2018, as a rehearsed reading performed at The Glory, London, and Birkbeck, University of London. The rehearsed reading at Birkbeck was kindly funded by the University of London’s Department of Humanities.

The play explores the origins, immediate and long-term impact of Clause (Section) 28 on the gay community and thirty years later upon the individual.

It begins in 1987 with the initial fallout of Section 28, and fast forwards to thirty years later, when a gay couple face the lived realities of seemingly progressive social change. The play explores a growing gulf in the gay community between those who benefit from a centre-right political direction, and those who can neither forgive nor forget 1988, and Section 28 in the shadow of the AIDS crisis.

Following our rehearsed readings and feedback, we are developing ‘Sunday’s Child’ further and are in the process of applying for funding. Watch this space. Hopefully we’ll have good news soon.

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