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Following a successful two week London run in 2016, My Brothers & Sisters returned to London for a further two weeks in February and March 2017 kindly funded by Westminster City Council.

Please contact us if you are interested in using/staging this work and to discuss pricing options. The best way to get in touch is here.

A series of post-performance teaching resources to accompany the play are available to download here.

This one-act play, opens a small window into the lives of a Muslim family and their friends in modern Britain, during the most challenging 48 hours they are ever likely to experience. 16 year-old Shamilla is missing and her older brother’s whereabouts alert the authorities to a previously unremarkable family.

Opening debate on the radicalisation of our young citizens, the play asks why and provides an opportunity for discussion on all sides: young, old, teenager, teacher, parents and police, drawing some uncomfortable links between casual racism, austerity, immigration and a growing desire in some to head to the Middle East.

"My Brothers & Sisters, use(s) the power of theatre to prevent radicalisation. It is genuinely thought provoking and the audience is a near interactive prescience.”


Times Educational 2016.

96% of students surveyed said they enjoyed the production and 87% said they knew more about radicalisation after the performance and related tutorial activities.

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